Anyone have any feeling about the new "Lost Huskies" posters on Hastings poles? I was the one who called the listed number when posters went up last summer. Poster said the dogs went missing on "the Hastings trail" and I pointed out that we have many trails. Asked where exactly did the dogs vanish? Got the feeling that these were not Hastings dogowners and they were not very familiar with the area. Huskies are known roamers--to take them untagged and unmicrochipped to a strange area is risky. I have gotten calls recently from a "lost dog" site which says these animals have been seen near Valentine Lane, South Yonkers, and in Hastings. I distance of about 8 miles apart, six month after they left their owners. I know the owners are distraught but something about this seems strange to me.
Rhona Neuwirth

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Comment by Philomena J.M. McNamara on October 1, 2010 at 9:41pm
I am the owner of the missing dogs. If have any questions, pls refer them to me. I will keep my comments limite as I only want to find my dogs. They are still out there. The number is my own person number.

There isn't anything strange about this as I don't think you have your information correct. Overall, I got little response from anyone in Hastings on the Hudson in finding my dogs. The police have been overall help the community I will keep my comments to myself. I was want you to know that I had two pet trackers looking in your area. I continue to look for them every as best as one person can do. Both dogs have tags, collars and are microchip. However, the community won't call when they see them. THEY JUST IGNORE THEM or take for everyt to let me no that they saw them. I really don't understand this but, I said. I would keep my comments to myself. I simple ask to look out for my dogs and call me right away so, I can get them. I am not a stranger to this community. My father help build the storefronts on main street. I sorry to see this community change.


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